30 Day Art Challenge

Care to join me on a creative journey? For the next 30 days I'm doing a 30-day art challenge with my family. :) The rules are simple:
  • Sketch for a least 15 minutes everyday for 30 days
  • Draw anything that you desire
  • You can use tutorials, real-life, or your imagination
  • Starts today (January 25th)
  • Most importantly have fun!
I love drawing. I find it to be very relaxing and I love the feeling of satisfaction when I actually finish a "masterpiece". I've been wanting to do an "art challenge" for a long time now and it's so exciting to actually start one. I just have to tell myself to actually draw everyday and not try to make each drawing completely perfect. Doing it is the key! I tend to be a perfectionist but the Lord has been teaching me that while I should do things to the best of my ability --- my performance doesn't generate His Love. He loves me 100% and it's not because anything I have done or can do.  

Some reasons to join:
  • Spending just fifteen minutes a day will make you master anything.
  • Doing something for 30 days in a row will form a habit
  • A picture is worth a thousand words :)
  • Practice makes perfect. The more you draw the easier it will be and the more you will improve.
I'm going to start a Pinterest board so we can share our drawings with each other and encourage each other to stay faithful! If you're joining let me know so I can add you to the board. :)

Homemade Modpodge Recipe

Make your own ModPodge in 4 easy steps!
Supplies Needed:
1. Pour glue into canning jar
2. Fill empty glue container halfway with water
3. Add water into glue.
4. Shake well!
Works almost as well as commercial ModPodge and doesn't stink! I tested it out on a paper project and I couldn't tell the difference. Homemade modpodge saves you lots of money and is so simple and easy to make. Stay tuned for tutorials to come using this Modpodge!

Free Printable // Praise Cards

This is a wonderful resource for your prayer time! Each card has a daily prompt for praising our Lord using the Scriptures.

Free Printable // Memorizing Scripture Booklet

Do you struggle with memorizing verses? This booklet makes hiding God's Word in your heart simple and easy!

Prayer Journal

These prayer journals could be incorporated into almost any lesson. We attached the words "When God Writes My Life Story" because our lesson was on surrendering the pen of our life to the Lord.

Supplies Used:
Lined Notebook (DollarTree)
Decorations (paperclips, ribbon, paper flowers, buttons, plain cardstock, stickers)

Beaded Bookmark

These bookmarks are easy to make and so beautiful to use! Only a few supplies are needed. We did this craft at our November meeting in 2013. It was our third session from True Femininity, titled World-Changing Womanhood: Catching a Vision for More. There was quite a few stories of great woman of the faith - like Amy Carmichael, Gladys Alyward, Catherine Booth, etc. I had purchased some biographies for our lending library and these bookmarks proved to be great!
Supplies Needed:
Waxed Cording/String (found in beading aisle at Joanns - $1.99 for 25 yards)
Variety of Beads (make sure holes are big enough to thread on string)
Cross Charms (found at Joanns and AcMoores - $3.99 for 8 pieces)
Pretty Charms (like hearts or flowers...found in a jewelry department)

Cut string 24 inches in length. (I precut the strings before the meeting.)

Attach one charm to end of string. Secure with a double knot and trim end to 1/2 inch.

Thread on about 1 to 2 inches of beads - tucking end under first bead. Tie a knot as close to beads as possible. Make sure knot is large enough that the beads will not slip over it. If too small tie another know on top of the first.
Like this! One end of your bookmark is complete.

Measure 11 inches from your last knot and tie a knot. Again making a large knot that beads will not slip over. The 11 inches of string will tuck into your book and beaded ends will hang out the side. If you desire a larger bookmark make your knots farther apart.

Thread on more beads - about the same amount as other end.

Tie on another charm, getting knot as close to beads as possible. (This is the tricking part!)

Trim string.

Tuck end up under last bead and trim again if needed.

Your beaded bookmark is complete!

Cookies in a Jar

    Our group just finished session seven of True Femininity (series by Leslie Ludy). The focus of the lesson was on turning outward and serving others - being His Hands and Feet to those around us, whether it be our family, our friends, or strangers we meet at the store. I thought the craft should be something that we could give away - hence cookies in a jar. If you've never used or made these it's very simple. You fill a wide mouth mason jar with all the dry ingredients needed for a batch of cookies. The recipient simply has to mix the jar ingredients with eggs, butter, etc. and bake.

    The filling process went very smoothly. I had all of the ingredients lined up in a row so the girls just had to file through. Each ingredient had it's own scoop and there was a sign in front of each with instructions as to how much to put in your jar.

    For the decorations we made these gorgeous fabric flowers. They were surprising easily to make and everyone had a blast - with the exception of a few burnt fingers...
You can find the tutorial for the flower HERE.
(Scroll to the bottom of this post to find the printable pattern.)

Supplies Used:
Wide Mouth Canning Jars (Walmart $0.97 each)
Ingredients (white sugar, brown sugar, all-purpose flour, salt, baking soda, quick-cooking oats, chocolate chips)
Burlap Ribbon (Hobby Lobby, scrapbooking section)
Pretty Scraps of Fabrics (two coordinating colors for each flower)
Hot Glue (We had two glue guns and it was a slow process. I would highly suggest getting a few!)
Recipe (attached to the finished jars)

Free Printables:
Country Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Fabric Flower Pattern